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The website has been designed with accessibility in mind, and uses Accesskeys to make browsing more convenient. The Accesskeys used by this site are designated as follow:
Note: Use Alt for Internet Explorer accesskeys, and Shift+Alt for Firefox.
  1. Alt + U Go to the top frame, which contains links for Sitemap, Chinese, and Search.
  2. Alt + L Left block, containing the links to the major sections of this site.
  3. Alt + C Center block, providing the principal information of the page.
  4. Alt + R Right block, containing the information of this site.
  5. Alt + S Search
※ When the project tab on this website can not mouse click, you can use the following
     keyboard browsing data
  1. ← → or↑↓Left-right or up and down keys to move the tab order.
  2. Home or End→Can directly jump to label the first or last.
  3. TabStay on the label, you can use Tab to browse the contents of that data, when faced with the radio buttons ← → or ↑ ↓ keys to move the order of items .
  4. Tab + ShiftPress Tab + Shift to jump back on the amount of information; when you jump back to label the project can continue to use the ← → or ↑ ↓ keys to move the tab order.