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Application Qualifications
  1. Firms that meet recognized standards as a small- or medium-sized enterprise and whose business development objectives in the ROC deem it an innovative enterprise (paid-in capital in the manufacturing industry of less than NT$80 million and fewer than 200 employees or paid-in capital in the technology services industry of less than NT$100 million and fewer than 100 employees).
  2. Enterprises or individuals focusing on developing high-end medical devices, drug delivery or other related fields can apply.
  3. Small- or medium-sized enterprises with technologies or products that are novel or have commercial potential.
How to Apply

(1) Applicants must prepare the following information:

  1. An application form to enter the park.
  2. A copy of the corporate registration certificate for enterprises and a copy of the ID card and certificate of educational background for individuals.
  3. Two copies of business plan and provision of these plans in electronic form.
  4. Financial reports and tax payment documents from tax agency for the past three years (companies in existence for less than three years are to provide related documentation for the period since their formation; this requirement is waived for new companies and individuals).
  5. Applicants recommended by incubators subsidized by the MOEA's Small and Medium Enterprise Administration or that have been approved as a science industry or emerging important strategic industry player by the firm's supervisory agency shall submit documents in proof thereof, exempting them from preliminary screening and instead eligible for priority review.

(2) Submission of Documents

The envelope with required documents must indicate "Application to Enter the Park," and the envelope can be sent to the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration's Hsinchu Biomedical Science Industry and Incubation Center or delivered in person.

Review Process

Review Process

(1) Focus of Review

  • Developmental potential of primary technology or product
  • Soundness of operations tea
  • Clarity of product market or technology objective
  • Documents proving ability to pay related expenses to entering the park

(2) The applying enterprise or individual will, during the review by the review committee, provide a briefing and respond to questions for a 10-minute period.

(3) Contract Signing

Enterprises whose applications are approved shall complete the signing of a contract within one month of receiving notification from the Hsinchu Science Park Bureau and pay a security deposit of two months. Approved applicants must formally enter the park within three months from initial notification. A party that has not moved into the park within that timeframe and that has not received an extension from authorities will be considered to have waived their qualifications to enter the park. One month of the three-month security deposit will be forfeited as an expense against space set aside for that party.

Graduation and Departure
  1. Enterprises that have completed the objectives in their business plans, whose contracts have expired or have a need to exit the park early should negotiate with the center a "payback" model and carry out the graduation and exit procedures. The center will subsequently follow the state of operations of an enterprise for three years to realize the payback work. Data produced regarding the enterprise will be provided to the supervisory agency for reference.
  2. The main business of an enterprise entering the park shall be in line with the business plan submitted and approved in the review process. Under the following circumstances, and upon a resolution by the review committee, a contract with an enterprise will be terminated in advance and the enterprise will be required to exit the park within a stipulated timeframe:
    • The actual operations are inconsistent with those set forth in the park entry application.
    • An enterprise or individual engages in an unlawful act that has been substantiated via an investigation.
    • Late payment of fees required to be paid according to the contract.
    • Breach of contract agreement or related regulations of the center, and no rectification even after written notification of such.
    • Other major violations.
  3. When a party's term in the park has expired or when conditions are met requiring its exit, it shall complete exit procedures within one month of the receipt of notification.