Center Introduction
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The Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park Project (in accordance with an amended administrative directive from the Executive Yuan dated May 30, 2013) is to serve as the core for Taiwan's biomedical science research and industry development. The overall developmental plan for the park and the anticipated demands for the development of Taiwan's biomedical science industry will be addressed via three facilities – the Biomedical Science and Product R&D Center, the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park Incubation Center, and the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park Hospital.

The Hsinchu Biomedical Science Incubation Center will primarily direct its efforts to promoting the development of the biomedical science industry, which places it in a different position from most technology incubation centers. At the same time, it will create a comprehensive bridge between the Hsinchu Biomedical Science Park Hospital and the R&D Center.